Attack on Toys Update #1.12 'BoxWars & PvP'

New Features

  • PvP (Plastic versus Plastic / Player versus Player)
  • Dynamic HUD for each army nations color
  • BoxWars PvP, BoxWars Toy Box, BoxWars Skirmish
  • New shotgun & very buffed
  • M4 Carbine with high damage with Incendiary bullet
  • Plastic Collector building
  • Updated Main Menu
  • Bullet Trail animation & optimization


  • Game optimization
  • Increase & balance game difficulty
  • All soldier has bigger collision & same scale
  • Updated robot weapon 3D model
  • Updated tree 3D model
  • Fixed missing texture on canopener
  • Fixed AI Tank not attacking sometimes
  • Fixed no grenade damage bug
  • Magnifying Glasses has +10 point damage
  • Increase building prices
  • Updated Tan Army Invasion & Kitchen Invasion stuff
  • Buff HQ damage
  • Fixed player physic stuck while jumping
  • Death animation for player

Thanks you, we hope you enjoying the game and the newly added base building mechanism :)

⚑ Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys and any feedback is highly appreciated :)


Attack on Toys 1.12 204 MB
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Attack on Toys 1.12 201 MB
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Attack on Toys 1.12 227 MB
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Attack on Toys 1.12 Mac OS 207 MB
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Finally! pvp!