Devlog #4 New Player Weapon 3D Models, Weapon Inventory, and Animations

⚑ Updated Army Men Face

⚑ Player has no weapon animation

⚑ All Player Weapons are now can be dropped & New Weapon 3D Models

> Updated Army Men Face (Eye, Nose, cheek)  *Feedback directly from Discord

> Player has no weapon animation (Idle, Run, Sprint, Jump)

> All Player weapons are now can be dropped (Now you can fully customize your loadout to your liking :D )

> New Weapon 3D Model + Refined Fire Sounds *Feedback directly from Discord

> All the Ammo Box will be replaced with two type of ammo box:

1.) Ammo Box that replenish alot of ammo Player Weapon currently is holding

2.) Ammo Box that replenish few ammo on all Player Weapon Inventory

3.) Picking up Weapon will replenish ammo

* The update still far away from complete :')

⚑ Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys and any feedback is highly appreciated :)
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