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Attack on Toys is a 3rd-person shooter mixed with combination of Real-time strategy as toy army soldiers. As the Green-Army defend your HQ at all cost from invasion of the Tan-Army. How long will you last?

  • Defend the HQ 
  • Kill all the Tan-Army

  • Singleplayer:
    • Invasion (Wave Survival)
    • Toy Box (Battle Simulator/Sandbox)
    • Skirmish
  • Multiplayer:
    • Invasion Co-op (Wave Survival)
    • PvP (Plastic versus Plastic / Player versus Player)
  • 6 Driveable Vehicles
  • 1 Driveable Mech
  • 17 Army Men Soldiers & Vehicles
  • 3 Toy Robots & Mechs
  • 3 Towers
  • 6 Base Building
  • 11 Weapons
  • 6 Maps
  • 4 Army Men Nations
  • Cockroach
  • Destructible building & enemy
  • Third-person shooter with mix of Real-time strategy Map

★ Highly inspired by Army Men Series ★

★ Game will always be FREE

★ Multiplayer Tutorial: https://n7t.itch.io/attack-on-toys/devlog/49474/attack-on-toys-update-104-multip...

★ Play latest version for Multiplayer. Latest version : "1.13" ★

★ Hold "Z, and press C" to use cheat ★

⚑ Feel free to make any content for Attack on Toys and any feedback is highly appreciated :)

OS:  Windows 32-bit/Windows 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400
Storage: 1 GB available space

OS:  Windows 32-bit/Windows 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX Series
Storage: 1 GB available space

Updated 3 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 30, 2018
GenreAction, Strategy, Survival
Made withUnity, Blender, Paint.net
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Multiplayer, Real time strategy, Sandbox, Third-Person Shooter, Tower Defense, War
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer, Server-based networked multiplayer
Player count1 - 16


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Attack on Toys #UPCOMING UPDATE 2.0

* Update will be available somewhere between 20 September - 27 September.

* Some unit has been change/replaced, if you want to keep the previous version '1.13' please download it now :)

a little tease of what to come? (Besides the picture) Also I'm really happy and you made my sick day better!

(2 edits)

There will be Chinook unit for one example :)

Graphic improvement, heavy optimization, Conquest mode, and others more!

Love ya guys! Can't wait HOLY HELL A CONQUEST MODE

great game loved it        https://youtu.be/MaXkMTa86I0

awesome... loved the video ;) and also thanks for the feedback about difficulties level of the game too!

Hi yet again and it is me Blue beetle but call me Baworo now

ah, i see :)

Other than that Have a good day :)

so my computer warning says This program may put your PC at risk can you please insure that YOUR game is NOT infected with anything. Also if u lie or if u made this game to infect people you will no longer do it again

If u are telling Truth am sorry for being so Harsh in the beginning Anyway can u please assure that I do not get infected cus I need this PC for very important Schooling programs for myself and if this PC is infected with something that causes Permanent damage to anything I will find u

There is no harmful thing in here... it's only a game and nothing else in it.

So, you don't need to worry about getting infected from playing Attack on Toys :)

Ok. But did u check the game files?

Deleted post

I just want to be sure ok. Thank you

like kamus said we should have a survival with zombies


N7T, I want to say, thank you. This game may be small and not finished but I don't care. It was the best game I have played this month. Better than some paid games. Also, it has a sandbox mode which is absolutely great. I have got an idea for unit, of course if you are able to do it. A paratrooper plane. It would drop a squad of, maybe 5 toy soldiers and it would drop them again after they are destroyed. Also important question, are you still considering creation of zombies? And finally, I am happy that it is free. LOVE. THIS. GAME.


i'm really happy that you enjoyed the game and thanks alot for the suggestions :)

yes, the game will eventually has zombies mode... hopefully at October (Halloween)

im so hype 4 the udate cant wait

soooon ;)

can someone tell me how to get the minesweeper?  My son saw it on a video but it doesn't seem to be in his game.  Thanks

you can buy minesweeper unit in the building mode :)

Oh also i have a another idea for this game can you add Ori From Ori And The Blind Forest and make him a playable character please he is my favorite and i would love to see Ori in this game

that would be cool, but i don't think it make sense tbh in the army men or toy universe XD

Oh ok but you  should add it beacause some Ori And The Blind Forest fans want Ori to be in this game too i think

are you ever planning to put it on steam

would love to put the game on Steam :)... but i'm not 100% sure for this one. We will see when the game finally ready


odf course

(1 edit) (+1)

i think the big update is gonna be released   after few days i think

i think... it will be few weeks or probably months from now :')

when the game be fully complet it will stay free?

forget it i just read the discripition

it will stay free :)


can u add more  building destroyed like ww2 plastic warfare and 

add color customize pls i want a be  a tan chocolate color is like enemy pls add customize color and map more fun :)  thanks developer

Thanks you for the feedback, noted on list :)

this game its more fun !! and many youtuber love this game seriously no other game like this thanks remind me child hood :)

i'm glad the game able to remind yours childhood and ours too :)

Ive been following this game since it pretty much came out and I just want to say that the amount of work and detail in this game is excellent! Its a true ring to the Army Men series. I would love to give feedback on the game and possible improvements/additions to it.

Thanks again for your hard work!

I'm glad that the game look like true successor to Army Men series :)

yes, any feedback would be awesome. Thanks you!

(1 edit)


-In Sandbox mode, the enemy forces tend to try and navigate to attack the green HQ. If 2 non-green armies are facing each other, they tend to want to attack the Green HQ while its impossible to get to it. Maybe add an option to remove the HQ from sandbox mode?

-A possible ability to build defensive towers from the map menu instead of running up to each placement and building one. This could save time while preparing defenses.

-The player weapons need a slight increase in their damage, especially anti-tank weaponry (Bazookas)

Hello, This game when i played it, it reminds me of playing in the Childhood like this game, plus reference of Home wars when you add Cockroaches, all though its really fun i should be a Fan of you! also i heard you gonna make a new update in October, i hope you'll make more people play this game!

awesome that the game can bring nostalgia and other inspired Army Men game :)

Thanks you for playing the game and yes, hopefully the game will get update at October or might be faster... when it's ready

Can you tell us the what are you gonna update easily? :)

(1 edit)

revamping & redesign some of things that need to be fixed and trying to make full house conquest basically :)

And also can you add guest characters from other games Like Knight and Hornet from Hollow Knight and also they should be playable

Thanks you alot for the suggestion, hope that will be added in the more future updates :)

we were also thinking to add another type of toys to be playable, but right now at the moment Army Men toy is our focus

And you know Hollow Knight right?

yes, seen lot of youtuber cover that game in previous year even today i believe

Also that game is my favorite ^^ and i will have more suggestions soon

awesome, thanks you ;)

Hello N7T my name is Nick i am planning on creating a youtube video about your game because truth to be said i used to play a lot with plastic soldiers when i was a boy and i would really love to play again!So, is anything special that you would like me to mention on the video?If you want to talk more about this please add me on discord NickGreatGamer#5831

Thanks you, just play and enjoy the game :).... But you could mention any feedback for the game in the video are also welcome

I will try my best :D Ofc i will put some ideas into my video if possible 

awesome, thanks you :D

Add a limit in the military tents, it keep spwaning soldiers and it make really laggy, like 30 soldiers each tent, when 1 soldier died, the tent would be able to spwan more 1 soldier

Thanks you for the feedback, it actually has spawn limit system like that but the limit might be too big. Will try to balance it out :)


Is there another way to get the cockroaches to spawn in sandbox

cockroaches can't be spawned at toybox for now :c

When the next update is gonna come out? im bored

(2 edits)

probably if possible halloween update at october.... before big future updates comes out

* or maybe the bigger future update done first before even halloween, will be uploaded when it's ready :)

Me and my friends compiled this huge list of stuff we want to really badly in AOT. 

Easy offline multiplayer

The ability to build army spawners (the tubes that the tan army comes out of)

Be able to save and publish toyboxes

Be able to customize all keybinds

Hot air balloon 

New mode: Cleanup(you have 5 mins to set up. Every wave you have to stop your mom/dog/father/sibling from messing or cleaning up the army men.)


A sniper with a working scope

Upgrades that you can buy for yourself

Controllable buildings(tower machine gun, etc.)

Fence/Wall which tan army has to break through to get to your base

Rocket ship

Missile strike(this could just be pencils or something from the map option)

A natural disaster mode with household objects(erasers:meteors, Kitchen sink:flood) where you try to protect your base from the disasters

Interactive build menu on desk computer(the one next to the bomber plane) which is cheaper

New object: Speakers(like music speakers): which temporarily push back the tan army until they run out of juice(they will be stationary)(you can activate them at certain spots using plastic like the bomber plane)

Supply drops(they come from the sky and they give you ammo and plastic)

Multiplayer toybox


Tranquilizer: it temporarily stuns the enemy

Laser pointer: you can attach it to a weapon and it will show a laser dot wherever it is going to shoot

Recycling:Where you can recycle a troop for half the amount of plastic you bought it for

Easy offline multiplayer, did you mean split-screen play with friend? :)

actually army spawners already available in building mode

And thanks alot for the suggestions, it will be helpful for the next update.

(1 edit)

No, we meant that if there was two computers both with attack on toys on them and they are both offline, you could use a bluetooth connection or something to  do multiplayer. And this actually works for other computer games, so we hope it is possible. We found out that on mac if you create an ad hoc wifi network you can do it offline. Hopefully that helps. 

ah i see, thanks your for the information. Will look into that and see if it possible for the game

(1 edit)

I got alot of idea while I'm at school :P

1. Class system
4 classes

1  Green beret
Allow to build green beret soldier for 750 (lower price), also 2 more soldiers which is using M4 Carbine
Allow to get M4 Carbine when starting instead of M16

2 Combat medic
Able to build a healing station which will heal the soldiers in the area
Have a better healing gun instead of the normal one, like having more ammo at starting and heals more

3 Paratrooper
Allow to build Paratrooper Squadron which cost 5000 and builds 20 - 30 paratroopers
When you start/respwan, you're allowed to airborne with parachutes (Like give you a map and choose where to spwan)

4 Scout
Runs faster
Have a better shotgun instead of the normal one, having more damage and longer shooting range

2. Make this game on steam so we will be easier to play with others also be more popular...?

3. Add a gunship with works like the paratrooper plane but only with turrets

4. Add a ammo station which will be able to buy the special weapon's ammo, like M4 Carbine's ammo but it's expensive like 1k for 100 ammos

If you add the class system, make it unable to get other class's hats like medic getting scout's hat

That's all! Thanks for watching this

Thanks you the ideas and suggestion, it will help alot the for further updates when if class system is implemented

Suggestion about add some toy soldiers called "Green Beret", you need to build them for 1k money, it spwans 3 soldiers after placing them, two of them use M4A1 Carbine and one of them uses Rocket Launcher

Or you can also add airborne Green Beret which works like paratrooper

Thanks a lot for the suggestion and noted

also, please dont abandon this game it is amazing id love to see it grow.

+ id love to see it on steam or the epic launcher

Thanks for playing the game and no need to worry about that :)

i love this game played it all day could use more maps and units

(2 edits)

Attack on Toys 'Future Updates'



I LOVE your game and I have a lot of suggestions for it:

It would be cool if you have the bomber plane in toybox mode

It would be fun to see some type of multiplayer in toybox mode as well, or at least being able to save toyboxes and your friends can see them.

There is a glitch when you are doing multiplayer it justs randomly kicks you out.

More to come

but seriously, this game is amazing


Thanks you so much for your feedback, will improve the game in future update

and i'm also glad you enjoying the game of course :)

Hey, my R button is always bugged somehow in this game, but it works in typing, is it a bug?

(1 edit)

There is no R button input when playing the game..... But it works in typing means? could you explain more about the bug in detail? :)

Wops, I mean in building mode, and I found out that I have to face to ground to change types, I found the way to fix this.      By the way, could you add a system for players to choose their own equipments like you can choose from wearing a beret or a helmet, wearing a backpack or not, etc.

Thanks you so much for the suggestions, noted that suggestions ;)


thanks you for the suggestion, will re consider about that mod in the future probably ;)

thank you for replying to my humble comment.....😊😇


hi :)


If you guys need any help, let me know. I am really impressed with the progress this game has demonstrated.

Do you lot have a Discord page I can join?


Thanks you, i ll let you know :) (i'm also a fan from one of your game)

for now there is no Discord page

Glad to meet a fellow fan of Army Men and my game.
We're actually planning to re-brand it for a commercial project, and the website expired, but the download is working once more on the page.


wow awesome, good luck & the best for the game

(4 edits)

Hi and i loved this game Also i have some ideas for this game you should make spaceships and Carriers  i would really like these oh also make those ships Driveable too and i would really like space battles with Army Men. Also add a Nations Feature that you can chose between four nations! and my favorite one is blue :) (Also im new to itch.io) Also don't forget to add story mode too. :)

Thanks you for your suggestions , the game will probably get army from space and stuff at later updatesss :)


Also i have Two more suggestions i think you also should add navy forces and more air units too

Cool thanks you again :) . noted


Attack on Toys Update #1.13 'ROBOTS INVASION': https://n7t.itch.io/attack-on-toys/devlog/77171/attack-on-toys-update-113-robots...


i just got top like yesterday

(1 edit)

Attack on Toys Update #1.12 'BoxWars & PvP': https://n7t.itch.io/attack-on-toys/devlog/75004/attack-on-toys-update-112-boxwar...

(1 edit)

Attack on Toys Update #1.11 'Base Building': https://n7t.itch.io/attack-on-toys/devlog/72976/attack-on-toys-update-111-base-b...

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